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"Both my wife and I had to declare bankruptcy. Afterwards, I realized that my parents needed to go bankrupt as well. It was good to have a relationship with a Trustee that I knew would treat my parents with the respect they deserve. "
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~Samantha - Saanich

2014-07-08 16:36:24

Summer Savings


The summer is a great time to save a little extra money because there are so many easy ways to cut costs.  This post covers 5 easy ways to cut costs over the summer and do some summer savings


  1. Groceries – There is fresh local produce everywhere, and because it is in season it is cheaper than in the winter.  Try to make a meal plan and stick to fresh local ingredients.  You can also consider buying in bulk produce that you know is going to rocket in price during the winter months.  Things like berries are easy to buy in bulk and freeze really well.


  1. Entertainment – The summer is the perfect time for free entertainment.  You are almost guaranteed to find a free event within driving distance every weekend.  From Street Markets, to boat shows and cultural festivals you can spend a day out for little more than the price of parking. Look in your local paper or tourism website to find scheduled local events that your family can attend for free.


  1. Utilities – If you live somewhere swelteringly hot then you need the air conditioning on, but be aware of the weather.  If the day is cool, turn it off, and if you know you aren’t going to be in the house all day, set it on a timer.  Also consider cooking, and drying your laundry outside, the stove and drier heat up your house and they cost more to run than the outdoor alternatives.


  1. Home improvements – A week before father’s day most major retail stores will have a huge sale on tools and hardware.  If you have been meaning to get around to some DIY repairs, June may be the time to go shopping for supplies.  Some stores will have up to 50% off, so it is worth waiting to buy at the opportune time.  If you want to do some garden maintenance, wait until the end of the season.  Most stores will have clear out sales on everything from gardening tools to patio furniture.